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Heaven: Strangers, e-book


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HEAVEN is a novel that has become a total phenomenon and an indisputable bestseller in the territory of Bulgaria.

Writer and film director Radoslav Gizgindzhiev's debut made thousands of readers obsessed with the worlds he depicts, reminding us that we are the scattered pieces of a whole.

Hugs that can destroy the boundary between reality and the Otherworld. Pictures that are painted with tears, blood and passion.

The butterfly that breaks out of one's chest.

The feeling that makes one fully aware that just like the flutter of a butterfly could cause a hurricane...

The flutter of the soul could create hundreds of worlds. And make them all come to life.

Heaven: Strangers, e-book

17,00 лв.Цена
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama

    Format: epub

    ISBN: 978-619-7643-11-4

    Publisher: Words on the Water, Bulgaria

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